An important aspect of Franciscans Network is education. We are launching a new mission to support a Franciscan ministry in Pakistan. In a region of this volatile area of the world, friars are ministering among the Parkari Kohli Tribe in Khipro, Diocese of Hyderabad. Beside catechism the friars are much concerned about Education, Health Care and Social Justice issues – critical areas which call for much attention.

Two friars minister to the people in 24 villages where mainly “low cast” Hindu live and work in a modern-day feudal system. They owe much of what they earn ($30-$50 per month) to landlords who take advantage of their lack knowledge.

Education: As most of the people live in villages it is not possible for all children to attend schools due to poverty and lack of facilities. Some families are able to send their children to local “hut” primary schools but is next to impossible to send children to high school because of the distance.

There are 18 hut village schools in the parish and the central high school is anywhere from 5 to 50 kilometres away. Primary education costs $10 per month. This includes school uniforms, books, monthly fees and a few supplies such as pens, pencils.

It is common for education to stop at this point. The family cannot afford to provide an education beyond primary, as the children are needed to work. The parents who desire to send their children to school simple are notable to afford to High School in Khipro.

The parish has a couple of rooms available in Khipro parish where about 10 children can stay and continue their education. Funds are needed to do this.

Franciscans Network’s mission in Pakistan is to help provide advantages for Pakistani children beyond primary school. There is a great need for transportation to and from the high school.